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It is quite apparent that there is need for Legal English courses that are 'tailor made' to suit the actual needs of participants and not based on general assumptions or 'one size fits all'. In addition, these courses need to be practical and presented by legal professionals with English language qualifications. Only in this way can courses be delivered that fully address the legal and linguistic needs of participants. This is where we can deliver.

We are legal professionals with English language qualifications and years of experience in both fields who are dedicated to providing quality English for Law courses that properly meet our clients' needs. We believe it is essential that an English for Law tutor must be experienced and possess high level English language qualifications as well as legal qualifications. Only then can the client be assured that a tutor fully understands their needs and how to deliver on these.

Given that our tutors have years of experience of legal practice and teaching English in this specialised area, we can say that they are in a unique position to devise, present and deliver courses that fully address the needs of our clients. We have been offering English for Law courses for over 18 years with excellent results and feedback.

You are very welcome to discuss your particular needs with us in advance of any booking. Your enquiry will be handled by an experienced English for Law professional with many years of experience in the practice of law and teaching legal English. We are open and transparent in all aspects and particularly welcome your input before course commencement. This applies to all courses whether they are one-to-one, two-to-one, or small groups.

Your particular needs and objectives are our priority and we really enjoy what we do. You will find us professional yet understanding, and willing to work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for you. .


Course feedback from our clients has been excellent - without exception! Here are a just a few quotes we have compiled and it may be possible to put you in contact with some of our previous course participants should you wish this.

"I am so glad to have met you being amazingly tutored by you during the current two weeks of lessons" (Lawyer from Naples)

"This is without doubt the best Legal English course we have ever attended" (Lawyer from Milan)

"The course has surpassed my expectations..."(Lawyer from Rome)

"I am so pleased I chose your course..."(Lawyer from Madrid)

"Your course has prepared me so well for my future career" (Recently qualified lawyer)

"Our group is thrilled with their course, the professional attitude and flexibility of the tutor. We will be back..." (Lawyer and group leader)

"I cannot say enough about the quality of the course..." (French interpreter)

"I will remember the time spent in Dublin as one of the best study periods of my life. The course English for Law was a right choice for me." (EU Interpreter)

"I hope to take another course with you soon, because the first one was amazing, maybe this summer!" (Lawyer from Bologna)