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One-to-One Legal English Courses

practical courses devised and presented by experienced legal professionals



One-to-Legal English courses

One-to-One with your own dedicated tutor is an excellent choice for a Legal English course that meets your specific needs focusing on those areas of law and language skills that are relevant to you personally.

This highly personalised course ensures that you achieve your course objectives in an enjoyable yet efficient manner. The course is delivered by your dedicated legal professional in a comfortable and convenient setting.



Online Legal English Courses

This online course offers an ideal opportunity to improve your Legal English with a dedicated legal professional following a schedule that is convenient with minimum disruption to your work.

A free online Needs Analysis is carried out to establish the specific areas that you wish to focus on while giving you an opportunity to speak to your prospective tutor and make sure that you can work together.



Small Group Legal English Courses

Flexibility is so important for successful course outcomes so we can customise our courses to suit your needs and objectives. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to advise and provide you with a quote.

In this way we ensure that every course is relevant and meets clients' expectations. The course is delivered by your dedicated legal professional in a comfortable and convenient setting.


We are experienced lawyers with many years of legal practice so we have very good knowledge what our clients require. We have been delivering Legal English courses for over 25 years and it is very clear to us that the best results come from courses that cater for individual specific needs on a one-to-one basis. We cover practical aspects such as Contract Drafting, the various stages of Mergers and Acquisitions with its many documents and agreements, legal Practice and Procedure and many other practical areas of law. That said, we also deliver courses that are appropriate for non-practising lawyers who may wish to focus on more general areas but with specific objectives.

Every course is different in that individual needs are carefully identified and addressed to meet your specific requirements and focus on those language skills and areas of law that are relevant to you. These are up-to-date specialised courses delivered by professionals.

Our courses are designed and delivered by experienced legal and English language professionals for Lawyers, Members of the Judiciary, Notaries, Interpreters (Court and Conference), Translators and other professionals including students and those starting their careers, who require a sound knowledge of Legal English.

We can create an English for Law course for you that meets your requirements and ensures that your course objectives are met in an efficient yet enjoyable manner. Contact us ⮞




Mergers and Acquisitions

The area of Mergers & Acquisitions is a perfect example of the practical nature of our courses. In this course we, in addition to presenting the whole process from beginning to end, closely examine all documentation from the initial Letter of Intent (Heads of Agreement), Confidentiality Agreement (NDA), Exclusivity Agreement, Seller's Disclosure Letter, Purchaser's Questionnaire at the Due Diligence stage, Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) or Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) and check lists etc. It is a thorough examination of all aspects of company acquisition which is best delivered by a lawyer who knows the process and the terminology.



Contract Drafting Courses

Contract drafting and review is a demanding process that requires a meticulous approach by the legal professional. It can take many years experience to gain proficiency in drafting and reviewing contracts in your own native language let alone English. Many international contracts are written in English so competence in contract drafting in English is a must. It is also helpful to know how Common Law lawyers draft their contracts and the type of language construction used in such contracts. This is where our legal professionals can help you with correct use of Legal English ensuring that you draft documents that are clear and unambiguous.



Court Advocacy

For those who represent their clients in English speaking Courts, Tribunals, Mediations and other legal processes, good advocacy skills in English are a must. Not all professional training prepares lawyers for advocacy and where there is training, it is not always in the English language. Our courses are directed towards providing necessary language skills in addition to assisting with advocacy skills so that participants are comfortable in presenting and conducting oral hearings including written processes. There is considerable practical input in this course and participants will gain considerable knowledge from experienced legal professionals.



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